Risk Team Services

As a highly experienced professional services firm, Risk Team offers both standard services and bespoke solutions designed with you to meet your specific needs. Examples of our standard offerings are shown below, but please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


In-House Training Courses

Risk Team has a number of standard in-house training courses covering the breadth of risk management, compliance and governance for immediate deployment within your firm, either in standard form or customised to meet your specific needs. Risk Team can also develop bespoke courses based on your desired syllabus.

Masterclass Series

Risk Team offers a range of one-day masterclasses aimed at specific topics key to your internal control and risk management environment. Topics include risk identification and classification; scenario assessment; managing risk culture; building a three lines of defence structure; implementing a KRI programme; and managing rogue trading.

Customised Risk Awareness or Education

In addition to our standard educational content, Risk Team can work with you to design and deliver a bespoke solution to your specific needs, whether this relates to raising risk awareness across your staff, engaging the Board's awareness of the firm's exposures, providing an introduction to some highly specialised risk topic, such as fraud, money laundering, counter-terrorist financing or cyber threats, or facilitating the design and implementation of the risk components of your new staff induction training.

Facilitated Scenario Assessment

Risk Team are highly experienced in assisting you select appropriate scenarios to measure your more extreme potential exposures, then in working with you and your staff to execute the assessment of that/those scenario(s), whether via workshop or one-on-one interviews.

In-House Forensic Check

Concerned that your control environment is not as effective as you think it is, or that it has gaps? Risk Team's forensic checks are intended to identify, if necessary using "red team"/"blue team" principles, potential weaknesses before they are exploited, allowing you to remediate the issue at the earliest opportunity.

Forensic Investigation

Have you experienced a risk event? What happened? Why? How? Who? Drawing upon years of experience and certified investigation capabilities, Risk Team provide an independent, professional alternative to investigating sensitive or significant events, preserving evidence and artefacts.

Conference or Event Speaking

Risk Team provides speakers, panellists, facilitators, chair persons, key note presenters and after-dinner speakers for wide range of conferences and events.