Risk Team


Nick Leeson provided the keynote talk at our Risky Business Summit event in Dublin in February 2015. The feedback on Nick from our attendees was universally excellent. He covered key themes that included; risk, compliance, transparency and his perception on the world of regulation as it stands in 2015. Nick had obviously spent a good amount of time in preparing for the event and understood our solutions, the audience, the key themes we wanted to cover, and was eager to ask a number of questions that would allow him to optimise his involvement. I would definitely recommend Nick (and in fact already have!) without hesitation. Great job!

Kate Owen, Thomson Reuters

Once again, I wanted to thank Nick Leeson for coming to speak at our Financial Services Away-Day. Speaking to my colleagues afterwards, they all enjoyed his very timely observations about the continued challenges of risk management at many leading financial institutions. Nick's talk also fitted in very well with our own internal discussions about how we can best help our clients in these times of economic uncertainty.

Tim Roberts, Director — McKinsey & Company

Nick Leeson was an excellent speaker. A story told in such a humble way, honest and to the point. A real insight into how things can go drastically wrong and the resulting consequences.

Steve Coates, Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited

The delegates from the Minsheng Bank programme greatly enjoyed Mike Finlay's presentation. Their feedback said that after Mike's presentation, they are now familiar with operational risk models and sound principles, which they find to be crucial to their business, They enjoyed Mike's use of examples of international banks applying operational risk management models to their practice and find it interesting to apply this to their own operations back in China.

Jing Gao, Programme Coordinator, Cambridge Executive Education, University of Cambridge

I would like to thank Mike Finlay once again for taking the time out of his busy schedule to travel to Hong Kong and share his knowledge and experience with the participants in the FSI-SEANZA seminar on risk management and risk-based supervision. Mike's presentation on a range of op risk-related issues was once again right on target – informative, provocative and entertaining. The feedback from participants was universally positive – and several participants in their evaluation forms identified Mike's presentation as a particular highlight of the 3-day event. I'm sure many of them will continue for some time to wake up in the middle of the night and see an elephant staring back at them from the corner of the room …

Jeff Miller, Financial Stability Institute, Bank for International Settlements